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Christy Dockery - Attorney & Consultant

Christy Dockery

Attorney & Consulatant 

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We Are Passionate about Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Goals

The Dockery Law Firm PLLC is a small law firm dedicated to intelligent, aggressive, and strategic advocacy. Our firm provides legal services in the areas of business, real estate, labor & employment, and family law. Our firm is proud to provide superior service at a great price while offering a variety of fee arrangements and services for our clientele. 

A Law Firm For Creative Businesses 

Creative Businesses have specific needs that vary from traditional businesses. Creative business owners need an experienced attorney 

Legal Representation for Individuals and Families

Legal representation in various areas of law for the individual and family.


Family Law

We help with all Family Law needs, including Divorce, Child Custody, Martial Disputes, CPS and more....

Real Estate

We help with all Real Estate Law needs: Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate Disputes, Litigation, Buying & Selling Real Estate, and more...

Labor & Employment Law

We help with all labor and employment disputes: EEOC, Sexual Harassment, Non-Compete, Wage Disputes and more....



Non-Profit Business Formation & General Counsel Services

Convenient Service on Your Schedule

At the Dockery Law Firm, we know your time is limited. That is why the Dockery Law Firm offers several different methods of reaching our attorney and getting your matter resolved.* 
Methods available include: 

  • Video and Telephone Conferencing
  • Office Appointments
  • Traveling Services
  • Email and Online Services

To learn more about our contract services, click here!

*Extra fees may apply depending upon the service. Appointments may be required for service. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Unique Billing Arrangements 

At the Dockery Law Firm, we know one-size-fits-all billing arrangements do not work for everyone. That is why we offer a hosts of fee agreements that allow you to get top-notice service at your convenience. Some of our services include:

  • Unbundled Legal Assistance
  • Hourly Billing
  • Flat-Fee Billing
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Payment Plans

Don't let legal billing prevent you from resolving your legal issue. Click here to read more about our various fee arrangements.



We treat every client like family. Providing excellent service with compassion and attentive care.


Our firm focuses on quality not quantity. That is why our firm does not take on many cases. Our focus should be on our clients.


Our firm has experience in various areas of law and will work hard to maximize your results.